Gorgeous International Wedding Inspiration


When you're seeking inspiration for your wedding, look beyond the pages of glossy bridal magazines. Find some international wedding inspiration by exploring how this important day happens around the world. India In India, Hindu weddings can last for five days or longer and contain a variety of traditional ceremonies for the bride and groom. An … [Read more...]

A Couple Married for 87 Years Shares Advice for a Successful Marriage

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Choosing an engagement ring is the first step on the road of marriage. Take some advice from the Fishers, a couple married for 87 years, and realize that marriage is a lifelong journey and not the destination of one single day. Enduring friendship Zelmyra and Herbert Fisher were married for 87 years and shared their knowledge in a Twitter … [Read more...]

Make Sure You Get Photos to Love on Your Wedding Day

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You've got one shot at your big day so it's vital to capture it perfectly in all your wedding photos. The last thing you want is to receive your photos and realize that a lot of important moments are missing or poses look weird. Happiness is the order of the wedding day and the right photographer and knowing exactly what you want are useful wedding … [Read more...]