5 Tips to Get You Through Wedding Planning

wedding planning

Planning a wedding is no joke. There are so many decisions to make, details to confirm, and innumerable opportunities for you to get stressed out about the entire process. Many couples that have successfully planned a wedding suggest similar wedding planning tips to help make the process go much smoother for future brides and grooms. These tips … [Read more...]

Complement Your Skin Tone With Proper Jewelry Choices

designer necklace

Understanding your skin tone is an essential first step to selecting jewelry that looks radiant on you. Before you choose your next piece of jewelry take the time to discover if you have a warm or cool skin tone. There are three simple steps to choosing jewelry that complements your skin tone: Determine your skin tone: Look at the veins on the … [Read more...]

Understand Diamonds Before Buying an Engagement Ring

diamond engagement rings

You've fallen in love with the girl of your dreams and now you're tasked with choosing an engagement ring. Do you understand diamonds? Do you know what you're looking at when you go to the jewelry store? Four primary criteria help us compare and value diamonds: Clarity measures whether the diamond is clear or cloudy and if it possesses … [Read more...]