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4 Do's and Don'ts of Bridesmaid Jewelry

  The devil is in the detail, and the jewelry on your big day is no exception. And that includes your lovely bridesmaids! Here are some Do’s and Don’ts to picking the right pieces to make your ...
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Non-Traditional Engagement Rings

The 4C's: Understanding the Diamond Rating System

Buying a diamond can be a confusing process. Most people don’t quite know where to start or what they want. Luckily that is where the 4C’s come in! The 4C’s are a diamond education system that was ...

Figuring Out Her Ring Size

Engagement season is here, and we’re seeing a huge number of proposals happening! Are you getting ready to buy a ring? Here are 7 easy ways to find out her ring size without her knowing, in order of ...
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Engagement Ring Vocab: Know Your Terms Before You Shop

White gold- Pros: Less expensive than platinum, and has a great shine. Cons: White gold is not naturally white and the plating will wear off over time.

Getting Started: You Know You Want to Propose...What Now?

So you know you want to propose and you have an idea of what she likes, but what comes next?
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All Eyes on the Ears

Looking for the perfect earrings for your big day? Here are a few of our favorite bridal earring trends!

Why Arkansas Quartz Crystal Is Our New Favorite Gemstone

Most of you may be asking, what exactly is quartz? The technical name for the mineral is silicone dioxide, most commonly referred to as quartz crystal. It is an extremely abundant mineral and ...

Our Favorite Proposal Spots in Northwest Arkansas

Getting ready to propose? We've compiled some of our favorite proposal spots in Northwest Arkansas to help you narrow down your search! Good luck!

Jewelry Appraisal Event at Romance Diamond Co. Jewelers

We are so excited to announce our appraisal event that will take place September 27th through the 29th. Our good friend and guest appraiser, Miles Dowd, will be in town to conduct the appraisals, as ...
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