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How to Style Your Marco Bicego Convertible

The holidays are sneaking up fast and it’s time to start planning gifts for the women in your life.

Handmade in Italy, Marco Bicego jewelry blends modern design with classical imagery.  

The Marco Bicego "Convertible" necklace will become an instant favorite for her wardrobe because it is so versatile.

You can add it to a casual outfit to give it some extra panache or showcase the necklace with a little black dress for that special New Year's Eve party.

Here are six ways you can showcase your style with the Convertible Necklace:

Three Strand Bib 

Marco Bicego Necklace Three Strand Bib.png


Wrap the necklace around your neck. Make sure the clasp is a little longer than the other side. Attach the bracelet to the longer side which has the clasp then continue to attach the two sides together. Bring the bracelet across where you want it to hit on the short side and then bring the other side across to attach it for the three strand look.



Two Strand Bib 

Marco Bicego Necklace Two Strand Bib.png

Create a double bib by attaching the necklace together. With the clasp on the opposite side you will attach the bracelet. Bring the bracelet around your neck to the other side and attach it to the clasp  of the necklace.





Double Wrapped Necklace 

Marco Bicego Necklace Double Wrapped Necklace.png

 Wear the 27” necklace around your neck like normal. Attach the bracelet to the two opposite sides of the necklace at your preferred length for a sexy double wrap style.






27” Necklace & 8.5” Bracelet
Marco Bicego Necklace and Bracelet Combination-1.png

 One of the best things about this convertible is the detachable bracelet! Simply remove the bracelet and wrap it around your wrist. Then take the two ends of the necklace and attach them around your neck for the perfect bracelet and necklace combination. 



 Adjustable Length Lariat

Marco Bicego Adjustable Length Lariat.png

Remove the attachable built in bracelet. Wrap the necklace section around your neck, grab the bracelet and attach the two sides of the necklace together to the bracelet. You have the ability to attach the bracelet at the length of your choice! You can attach it at the top for a sophisticated tie look, or at the bottom for a lariat long look.



36" Necklace

Marco Bicego Long Convertible Necklace-2.png

 Wear this piece exactly how it was made. The detachable bracelet comes attached to the necklace. This allows for a longer, chic look to your style with whatever outfit you have on. This classic look is always a winner for any occasion. 





Marco Bicego’s pieces are well known to put a unique twist on every outfit. Marco has a love for beautiful detail and design that never fades out of style. 

This jewelry appeals to women of all ages, especially if you're stylish and confident. This versatile necklace can be worn anywhere from the beach, to a coffee shop, to your wedding! 

This convertible necklace is an essential piece for any woman’s wardrobe and will make the perfect gift for this holiday season! This contemporary and unique necklace will make your loved one feel special which is why we love showcasing this line in our store. We think this is the perfect holiday gift this season. We would love to set aside time for you to help you pick out a gift for your significant other! 
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