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Katie, Ryan & Their Perfect Pink Sapphire

Lately we have been all about color! We got the chance to sit down with one of our new Romance Diamond Brides, Katie, and her fiancé, Ryan, and ask them all about their gorgeous pink sapphire engagement ring.
First, a little bit about the ring! Ryan chose an oval cut pink sapphire with a diamond halo, set in 14 K rose gold. The ring also has a couple of personal touches, but we’ll get to that later!romance diamond gemstone engagement ring arkansas

Naturally the first question that came to mind to ask Ryan was why go with a gemstone instead of a diamond? “At first I had planned on a diamond” explained Ryan, “But knew that I wanted something different that would still look classic, timeless and vintage”.

After doing some browsing in the store, Brittany pulled out the pink sapphire but set in a different ring and he knew that was the perfect stone. Ryan wanted a slightly different setting with a metal that would better suit the pink stone. Brittany was able to have that same stone taken out of its original setting and sent off to be custom set exactly the way Ryan wanted, allowing him to add personal touches like a scroll design on the side.

When I asked Ryan how he knew that Katie was going to love the pink ring, he said that she had always loved rose gold even before it became a huge trend in engagement rings. He also knew that she wanted something different and with more design elements than just a solitaire style. Luckily, this ring checked all of those boxes and turned out stunning!

romance diamond gemstone engagement ring arkansas

The whole process, from the time he first walked in Romance Diamond to when he made the final decision, took about two weeks. After another couple of weeks, the ring was in and it was time to propose!

We are so thrilled that Ryan and Katie were able to build the ring of their dreams and we want you to be able to as well! To schedule an appointment to shop or create a ring, click hereOne of our favorite parts about what we do is hearing your love stories! If you have a story that you'd like to share, feel free to email us at! 

*Photos courtesy of Ryan and Katie, taken by Frederick Cochran 

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