Bring Pearls Into Your Wardrobe

pearl jewelry

It's sometimes a challenge keeping up with jewelry trends but it's reassuring to see that pearls always have a place in your jewelry wardrobe. Today's pearl jewelry feature modern updates that make them more modern while maintaining their status as a timeless investment piece. Learn some important points about pearl jewelry and keeping your sparkling … [Read more...]

The Secret Benefits of Getting Married

marriage tips

When you're choosing an engagement ring, are you thinking beyond the big day? You should be! Marriage lasts beyond the day of the ceremony and the best marriages last a lifetime. When you're married, you enjoy all the secret benefits that only couples in wedded bliss understand.   Sharing Getting married means you share more of your life … [Read more...]

Gorgeous International Wedding Inspiration


When you're seeking inspiration for your wedding, look beyond the pages of glossy bridal magazines. Find some international wedding inspiration by exploring how this important day happens around the world. India In India, Hindu weddings can last for five days or longer and contain a variety of traditional ceremonies for the bride and groom. An … [Read more...]