Keeping Jewelry Tasteful on Your Wedding Day

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Finding your wedding dress doesn't end your quest for the perfect wedding day attire because you can't forget the jewelry! Jewelry shopping tips from help keep your overall look tasteful while complementing your dress. Reflect your style Like your dress, your wedding jewelry should reflect your personal style. Wear jewelry that you … [Read more...]

Why You Give Your Fiance an Engagement Ring

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When you're choosing an engagement ring for the one you love, have you ever stopped to wonder why the tradition started? An article on explores the origins of the various wedding ring traditions and gives insight on these symbols of love. Romance of Pharaohs and Romans The circle is a timeless symbol of eternity because the form is … [Read more...]

Ideas for an Intimate Wedding With Beauty and Meaning

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An intimate wedding is as memorable, special, and beautiful as a larger ceremony when it incorporates what's important to the couple. When you're seeking inspiration for your wedding on a smaller scale, look to the elements you love the most and remember that the smallest touches often have the biggest meanings. Involve friends and family Planning … [Read more...]