Make Sure You Get Photos to Love on Your Wedding Day

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You've got one shot at your big day so it's vital to capture it perfectly in all your wedding photos. The last thing you want is to receive your photos and realize that a lot of important moments are missing or poses look weird. Happiness is the order of the wedding day and the right photographer and knowing exactly what you want are useful wedding … [Read more...]

Money Saving Tips for Your Dream Wedding

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You want your big day to be special and unforgettable. Make it memorable without breaking your budget with smart wedding planning tips that help you save money toward your future together. Combined ceremony and reception venue Two of the biggest wedding expenses are the venues for the ceremony and reception. Instead of having two separate … [Read more...]

Your Earring Style Can Enhance the Shape of Your Face

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Incorporating earring design trends into your fashion is all about finding the right style to enhance your particular face shape. Important among jewelry shopping tips is identifying your face shape and purchasing earrings that flatter and enhance your unique beauty. Face shapes and earring styles The shape of a face is round, square, oval or … [Read more...]