Five Signs You’ve Found the Woman You Should Propose To

choosing an engagement ring

Before you embark on the quest of choosing an engagement ring, insure that you've found the woman to spend the rest of your life with. Follow your heart and look for these signs suggested in an article by Life Hack. Comforting Arms When you've had a rough day and you're happiest in her arms, you've found the woman to marry. Flaws and … [Read more...]

Use Pantone Spring Colors to Guide Your Jewelry Shopping for the Holiday Season

jewelry trends

When you keep your eye on jewelry trends of the future, you are a holiday shopping guru. Jewelry gifts during winter months aren't limited to that season's colors. Embrace and look forward to spring by selecting pieces in the 2015 Pantone spring colors as described on JCKonline. Cool Shades There are strong indications that aquamarine might be … [Read more...]

Keeping Jewelry Tasteful on Your Wedding Day

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Finding your wedding dress doesn't end your quest for the perfect wedding day attire because you can't forget the jewelry! Jewelry shopping tips from help keep your overall look tasteful while complementing your dress. Reflect your style Like your dress, your wedding jewelry should reflect your personal style. Wear jewelry that you … [Read more...]